"We moved to Cranberry Park because of the price, location, and the home owner association. Our favorite part of living here is the quiet neighborhood and the scenery. Cranberry Park townhomes are really quality homes." - Scavarda

Why I moved to cranberry park townhomes...

"Cranberry Park is a lovely area to live in! It is quiet and serene with beautiful yards and a great park for everyone to enjoy." - Rita Evans
"We have lived here a year and are so happy we downsized from our previous large home and all the attendant work. We were able to watch our Cranberry home being built, so we know the good quality of the construction." - Marvin and Diana Alishouse
"Cranberry Park is great addition to Cañon City and gave me the opportunity to live in a maintenance free community. Thank you DCS Development and Construction" - Frank

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"Cranberry Park is handicap friendly. We have the ability to come and go without worrying about the outside of our property. It is great to have good, compatible neighbors. If it is a fit to your lifestyle, you cant beat living here!" - The Andrews

Living at cranberry park in cañon city 

Now living at cranberry park townhomes

"I wanted to return to Cañon City. When I found Cranberry Park Townhomes I realized the project was well organized and convenient to stores and church. It is a great place to live and they are great people to work with!!" - Matt

Happy Homeowner since February 2013!

Wonderful home and good neighbors! 

Great neightborhood, great neighbors, great place to live!