Terrye Clear

Terrye Clear is the man with the plans…floor plans! He is the owner of Eagle Homes and is partners with Jim Davis in DCS Development and Construction, LLC which was started in 2006. DCS is currently working on the development of Cranberry Park Townhomes in Canon City, Colorado. He also owned and operated Santa Fe Supply and Rental in Pueblo, Colorado for many years so he has an incredible amount of expertise in this field. And of course behind every successful man is a smart, strong and hardworking woman.  Nancy Clear is our incredibly talented designer. She helps turn a house into a home for our customers, helping them pick out paint, tile, light fixtures, landscaping and so much more!  Terrye and Nancy have lived in Fremont County since 1973. They have two daughters, Terra and Tisha, and six grandchildren.   In his spare time, Terrye enjoys sports of all kinds, as well as hunting and fishing in Northern Manitoba Canada. They also enjoy watching their superstar grandkids play various sports.

Karen Sweeney is the Managing Broker and Owner of Cranberry Park Realty, LLC. She has been a part of the Cranberry Park Development since 2012, and is ready to help you realize your dream of living in our beautiful, Maintenance Free Townhomes and Patio Homes. Karen enjoys being part of a team that is dedicated to this project and the community. Cranberry Park Realty also represents buyers and sellers all over Fremont County, so be sure to click on the Real Estate page and check out all of Karen's properties. Karen has called Cañon City home since 2000 after relocating from the Denver area. When she's not helping folks find their new dream home, Karen enjoys golfing and loves to travel. She has three sons with her husband Kevin, two wonderful daughter-in-laws and 2 beautiful grandsons. Please contact Karen for more information on these wonderful properties at 719.429.6282 or canonrealtor@gmail.com

Karen Sweeney